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The Chills, “Pink Frost,” 1984. Flying Nun Records.

Just read the following headline on “Coldplay producer Brian Eno to release EP with British poet.” Really, fuckfaces? You really need those first two words?

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25 years ago today, kurt cobain (age 19) was arrested for spray painting “god is gay” on pickup trucks.


25 years ago today, kurt cobain (age 19) was arrested for spray painting “god is gay” on pickup trucks.

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Roxy Music Re-make/Re-model


Roxy Music Re-make/Re-model

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1:00-1:20 gets me every time.

Feeling the dude at 1:19-3:36 so hard.

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Isaiah Toothtaker / Werdemup

I don’t go on much about music these days, not the way I did when I was younger. I’ve come to believe that the world just doesn’t have any more new, good music to offer me—that it’s a finite amount, and someday, maybe, I’ll hit the ceiling. Also, I’ve come to feel that much of the new shit that I would have slobbered over in my early twenties is really just recycled mediocrity. I’ve fallen out of love with a lot of the music I used to live by.

The last few years, my musical discoveries have been limited to the past: discovering solid stuff from decades past that I never dipped into before or returning to old favorites. The pleasures have been few. I’m wary of new music.

A couple months ago, though, my boyfriend found this video by a Tucson rapper and tattoo artist named Isaiah Toothtaker, and I pretty much shit my pants after a few listens/peeps (warning: violent imagery):

INTRUDER from Isaiah Toothtaker on Vimeo.

You can stream all of his stuff here. It’s maybe not for every one, but I love it, for the most part. And his new video came out today:

Get Housed Homeboy (Isaiah Toothtaker ft. Murs) from Nicolas Heller on Vimeo.

If only this guy would come play Texas, then I might actually stay up late and go to a show.

"Well, I saw mushroom head; I was born and I was dead."

Can, “Mushroom”

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"and forget to breathe for just one minute because of some beauty that has not been altered, damned or pointed out"

Tall Dwarfs, “Nothing’s Going to Happen”